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Flavored potatoes

Flavored potatoes

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Potatoes full of flavor and flavor can be served as a garnish or simply. They are just as good.

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  • 7 potatoes
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • herbs of provence

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Flavored potatoes:

Start the oven at 200 ° C.

Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into slices of the right size, not too thick.

Prepare a tray. I covered it with baking paper.

Put the potato slices.

Peel the garlic and grind it. Add over the potatoes together with the spices and oil.

Rub well.

Place the potato slices as evenly as possible.

Put the tray in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

They have a special flavor.

Stop getting tired of them. :)

Good appetite!

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You can only add salt at the end.

Costachel's recipe and Caesarica's wine

First of all, dear readers, let's get along very well on one thing: ham is neither ribs nor bacon, even if some people still use the term to designate these dishes. No, ham is obtained only from pork butt, and for this reason it has fat only at most on the edges. So it could be replaced with, say, smoked chops, but not with other greasy things that went through the smoke, like the ones mentioned at the beginning.

That being said, let's get to work. For 4 people, we need 8 medium pink potatoes, regular shape, 8 thin slices of smoked ribs, 100 g of smoked cooked ham, 100 g of thin fresh sausages, 100 g of chicken breast, 50 g of bread core, 30 g of butter, 100 ml of milk, 1 egg, 4 tablespoons olive oil (extra virgin), 1/2 onion, parsley, thyme, salt and pepper.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Boil them for 5 minutes in salted water and drain well.

The filling is prepared as follows: boil the chicken in 250 ml of water and keep the soup obtained. Soak the breadcrumbs in the milk, drain well and mix with the chopped onion and parsley. Add the peeled sausages and mash with a fork, finely chopped ham, chopped chicken, egg, salt and pepper. Mix everything very well.

Salt and pepper the inside of the potatoes and then, with the help of a teaspoon, put the above mixture inside them, filling them with the top. Cut each slice of rib into two (lengthwise) and cross two strips on each potato, inserting the ends inside (it is good to help yourself with the tip of a knife). Melt the butter and oil in a thick-bottomed pan. Brown the potatoes on all sides, then pour the chicken juice, flavor with a sprig of thyme, put the lid on and bake over medium heat for about half an hour.

Serve the hot potatoes with whatever salad you like. Oh, why do potatoes have to be pink? Very simple, because these are the ones to bake in the oven (or to boil in the shell), the yellow and crumbly ones keep them for puree, because that's their place. (Costachel:

Potatoes are pink, why else wine?

& quot; Neighbor & quot; Costachel outdid himself this week: just looking at the picture of the stuffed potatoes he recommended this week and I was hungry. although I was the village.

There are many wines that could be combined with this tasty and satisfying "preparation", but I stopped at a rose, because of the pink potatoes used in the recipe. Almost certainly, they will not be pink after going through the whole technological process, but at least the color of the wine will bring to life the guffled senses of the table.

Chef George Toparceanu, Moldova

Chef George Toparceanu has tested Knorr Broths in several dishes and is always satisfied with the speed with which the recipes are completed. Efficiency and speed, without compromising on quality and taste are essential in a la carte cuisine.

Interview with Chef George Toparceanu

From Knorr Professional Chicken Liquid Broth, used to enhance the taste of Radauti soup, to Knorr Vegetable Concentrate, to accentuate the taste of fasting or vegetarian dishes, the Inspired Chef always chooses the Knorr range.

Knorr Beef Liquid Broth and Knorr Chicken Liquid Broth are perfect in stews or marinades for grilled meats. George Toparceanu is based on the Knorr Chicken Broth and in the realization of the traditional chicken ciulamale with polenta. However, this is not the only thing that characterizes his menu, he basing many plates on improvisations.

He is the Inspired Chef precisely because he uses the Knorr Broth Range to balance the tastes and to give the traditional dishes the due respect. The time invested in boiling bones to obtain food bases is used to invent new recipes or reinvent the traditional, authentic menu. From trout, to ciulama, tochitura or plates with a modern arrangement, Chef George Toparceanu is based on the Knorr Broth Range.


He made a series of recipes worthy of an Inspired Chef in Knorr Kitchen. From Mariscada, to Surf & Turf to Lusitanian style beef ribs, George Toparceanu used Knorr Professional Liquid Vegetable Broth, Knorr Professional Beef Bullion, Knorr Beef Concentrate.

In the Seafood recipe, the Inspired Chef used Knorr Professional Liquid Vegetable Broth (15 grams per over 4 kilograms of ingredient mixture) and Knorr Primerba Shrimp (25 grams). The seafood is wok with vegetables, spices, orange juice and lime, the sauce being potentiated and thickened with Hellmann's classic Mustard and flavored with coriander and mustard.

Surf & Turf

For the Surf & Turf recipe, Chef George Toparceanu used Knorr Professional Beef Broth (10 grams per 700 grams of beef muscle). He marinated the meat in the beef stock with pineapple juice and Knorr Chilli Sauce and Soy. The flavor of the fish and seafood is accentuated with Knorr Primerba Shrimp. Everything is completed by a reduction of red wine with honey and pineapple.

Snails with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Spicy tomato sauce
Heat the oil, add the cherry tomatoes with the broth and let it boil for a while, during which time crush the tomatoes a little with the back of the spoon / tomato paste.

Flavor with basil, oregano, hot paprika, sugar and crushed garlic to taste. Match the taste of salt and pepper. Allow to cool.

It took
Sift flour and salt into a bowl.
Pour the water into the hole made in the middle of the flour.
Knead the ingredients well and spread the dough in a thicker sheet.
Evenly grease the dough sheet with ½ of the amount of butter (margarine) rubbed before it becomes frothy and wrap it like a wallet.

Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Repeat the operation once more, using the rest of the margarine and let it cool again for 30 minutes.
Spread the dough in a sheet on the floured table and grease it with spicy sauce paste.
Roll into a roll and cut into slices at least 2 cm thick.
Transfer to a tray lined with baking paper.

Put in the preheated oven, for about 40-45 minutes, at 180 degrees or until the snails are baked and nicely browned. Remove to a grill.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dried tomatoes

Who once tasted dried tomatoes, can not help but want again and again. Their special taste and aroma make them so precious that the prices in stores turn your back on you. I tried to make and I share the recipe with you, because they can be easily made at home.

They can be dried in the sun or in the oven. Drying in the oven lasts about 10 hours, and in the sun 4-5 days. I took advantage of the high temperatures and dried the tomatoes in the sun. I choose tomatoes as fleshy as possible and with few seeds that cut thicker slices.
The tomato slices can be placed in trays, on baking paper. My husband made me a frame with a thicker wire mesh on which I put the tomato slices. Sprinkle salt on them and leave them in the sun. 4-5 days.

After they have dried, they are built in jars, between them putting chopped garlic and chopped basil leaves. Press well to get as much as possible into the jars. Pour olive oil over them. Close the jars and pastraza in camara.
Spices and flavors can differ depending on everyone's tastes. You can add hot peppers, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, etc.

In winter, they can be served as a garnish for pasta, with cheese or rice, for pizza or focaccia, for sandwiches, near sausages or in sauces.

Simple and good

I know it's a job you've all been waiting for. I will not write much, but I want to establish together some basic criteria related to the so elaborate process of achieving these wonders.

There is no recipe that you have ever worked so hard on, but it is explicable, a professional baker said that it has a degree of difficulty of 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. and I'm sorry he wasn't wrong, everyone knows for sure those who tried, at least once, to make croissants with or without mayo.

I worked on this recipe for 6 months, 6 months in which in the first part I made them once a week in larger quantities, after that I understood that the experience must be repeated more often, to practice and remember every detail of each stage. , so important for the success of the process as a whole.

All this time, we ate breakfast in the morning, croissants, more or less successful, but always delicious, a taste that has become common in our house and has created addiction very easily.

During these months I changed one or more variables at a time, in order to understand what happens and how the change is reflected in the final process, I tried to make as many mistakes as possible, to know what should never be done.

One of the last aspects I tested was the flour used, initially involuntarily because I used a white Terra Natura flour that I did not know was, by mistake, ground immediately after the mill overhaul and due to an error, the coefficient of elasticity was affected, which is visible only in long-leavened doughs such as croissants or panettone.

So after two missed rounds, of which I understood only at the end that it was not the technique that was to blame but the flour, I made croissants in turn with emmer flour and organic whole wheat TN, Austrian white organic with organic rye TN and durum organic TN, to understand that none of these options is appropriate.

The icing on the cake were instead the croissants in the picture, made in parallel with organic Austrian white flour and normal Tyrolean. in the idea of ​​reducing the coefficient of subjectivity to a minimum. and the results were surprising.

The normal flour croissants had a significant fermentation and a more beautiful appearance at the expense of the section and the taste, instead the organic ones surprised me with a beautiful section, a perfect taste despite the exterior which was not so spectacular.

The conclusion is at least one for me, the flour I will use with the greatest confidence for croissants will be Terra Natura alba, it is organic, has a perfect taste and is produced near home, ultimately with a flour with a lot of gluten anyone can have spectacular results, but the real challenge is not this!

I am sending this post, a little more atypical, to Elena, to participate in the latest edition of the Sweet Romania Challenge, which ends her 3-year culinary journey through the virtual houses of many bloggers.

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