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I have this recipe from Herve Cuisine, I translated it and I hope it will be useful someday, I used it for a cake that I will publish in the future :)

  • 140 ml of milk
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 50 gr egg yolk
  • 45 gr of sugar
  • 3 sheets of gelatin (6 gr)
  • 450 ml liquid cream

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Heat the milk.

Then soak the gelatin in a bowl of cold water.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the milk.

Boil very little.

Put the yolks in a bowl together with the sugar and rub well with a whisk then put over the milk that has cooled and mix well.

Put this composition in a pan on the stove and boil until it thickens.

Remove the pan from the heat and mix the gelatin in the cream obtained until it melts.

Beat the whipped cream and put it over the cooled cream (be careful the cream must be cold otherwise it melts if it is hot).

It is used in various cakes.

Lemon curd

Mrs. Hope: it's "lemon curd" (meaning lemon cream, in English) and not "raw" (anyway, it's put on fire, so it's not 'raw' at all).

Mrs. Constanta: Lemon curd is consumed as such, like any dessert cream, or you can fill it with donuts, eclairs, cremschnits, etc.

"Doamnei" Facebook: Corn flour is the well-known zeamil, marketed for years as "GUSTIN" - Fine starch (Dr. Oetker's product range).

I don't know, well, lemon curd or raw, it's a huge difference, I'll try it

Apart from a cake, a pie, a pandispan, a cake, a donut or a burnt sugar cream, I'm not very good at cakes and I would like to know what this cream is used for because I've heard of "lemon curd" "but I don't know what it's used for. can someone who knows me tell me too!

What can I replace corn flour with, and can I put the egg whites in the cream and not cut them?

What is Malai in English?

If you are around Indian culinary culture, you have heard the word Malay. What is Malay? What is the meaning of malai in english? Pronounced & quotmuh-lie, & quot; Malay is also known as makkhan.

Malai refers to cream and is the word used to refer to cream obtained from all kinds of milk. Malay is most often used in Indian food and desserts. This South Asian cooking ingredient is made when unhomogenized whole milk is heated to about 180 ° F for about an hour.

Then it cools. When prepared, a thick, yellow toned layer of fat forms on the surface. It is then removed and the process is repeated to remove most of the fat. There is about 55% butter in corn fat.

Buffalo milk usually produces better corn. Buffalo milk has a fat content of about five to 12 percent and cow's milk has three to five percent of milk fat. This is why most people prefer buffalo milk when making corn.

Using Malai in food

Foods that incorporate malai, such as malai shrimp and kofta malai, have a good amount of creamy sauce in them. Malay juice is light and is usually made with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Then other common Indian spices are added, such as coriander, cumin and garam masala. The cream, when added to the bowl, is the final touch.

What can you expect when eating Malay? Most of these dishes are on the light side and can be associated with a hotter, less dry dish.

You may want to try it with chapati (flatbread) and naan (a toast, baked in a tandoor or oven).

Malai is a major ingredient in kofta malai dumplings and is also used in sweet foods such as malai pedha, ras malai and malai kulfi. In Malay kofta, for example, potatoes and pateras are used to make fried dumpling balls.

Malai pedha are garments that melt in your mouth.

Are you ready to try Malay? Try my recipes for Malai Prawns and Malai Kofta. They will give you an overview of how to prepare malaa and use it in a common dish.

If you are new to Indian food, there are about 20-30 spices that are used in a lot of dishes. These include coriander, cumin, ginger and turmeric. Not all Indian dishes are curry, as is clear from Malay.

English Cream - Recipes

Naturally, every man has a story. With joys, with illusions, with greater or lesser satisfactions, with accomplishments and failures from which he always learns. She does not compare or compete with anyone. Maybe just with herself. Nicoleta Mișcoi, because it is about her, is an English teacher and the founder of the WoW English school. He graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the State Pedagogical University "Ion Creanga" in Chisinau. She launched a business based on the knowledge she has accumulated over time and the effort she has put in daily to achieve her goals. The young woman told us how difficult it is to start a business from scratch, what is the secret of a successful woman and how to help your dreams come true.

Nicoleta, tell us how the idea of ​​founding the school came about? Why did you choose English?

Teaching English has always been for me not just a job but more than that & # 8211 a passion that I understood I would like to practice in the future. I wanted to develop as much as possible in this field, so I was encouraged to open a patent, which gave me wings to progress in the direction of teaching. Step by step, I began to gain momentum, to receive an even greater dose of pleasure from my work. Then I came up with the idea to change the format of the lessons. And now we have online English courses, structured and arranged according to the Cambridge University Press textbooks. I tried to do the same as I had better intuited. I think that any specialist tends towards a continuous development.

What were the difficulties you encountered in the beginning?

For me, in order to achieve the desired success in any type of activity, it is essential to support people who are dear and important to me. From this point of view I can say that it was difficult for me at the beginning, until my loved ones began to believe in my success, and until I started to involve in my activity the right people for a better result. Of course, financially it was not easy for me, at the beginning any business needs some budget. But I was blessed with people who believed in me and helped me. Here I must mention that I am deeply grateful to Alexandru Reabov, graphic designer, he makes sure that my page and posts are of a professional level. He is a man with an indescribable creative energy and he is with me to fulfill my dream and success!

How easy or difficult is it to be the manager of a school? What have you learned along the way?

For me, the activity of manager of a school that offers online English courses was not exactly simple. I had to learn things from my own experience that I didn't know until then. But I say again, I was happy to have the right people with me to give me the necessary advice. Yes, I had failures, but these were useful lessons for the future. First of all, I learned to be careful with what people I choose to work with and if they are worth trusting. Then I learned that discipline and punctuality are essential for quality work. I learned from specialists various important aspects related to marketing and design. And last but not least, I am convinced that humanity in relation to customers is the most important thing.

What are the values ​​and principles that guide you?

I believe in the law of the boomerang, what you throw & # 8211 that goes back. We like it, we don't like it, the law exists. Then, in any activity, the dose of humanity matters, based on it you can build beautiful relationships and friends. Positive thinking can do wonders. Everything has its time and time. I am firmly convinced that any success I can achieve is due to God's help.

In this pandemic period, how do the hours take place?

I switched to online teaching. So far, my students are learning English through the Zoom app. We emphasize on overcoming the communication barrier and on developing the skills of writing, reading and listening as well as the application in practice of the learned ones. English courses are based on the Cambridge methodology which combines the advantages of modern English language teaching techniques. The original textbooks from Cambridge University Press contain current and authentic information so that students are prepared for communication. Audio and video materials are also rigorously selected. Students have access to the Cambridge platform where they can practice the subject taught during the class, and then the percentage of the subject is assessed through this platform.

Tell us the secret of a successful business and what advice do you have for young people who want to start a business in our country?

The secret to a successful business is first and foremost a good business idea. Then a strong and friendly team and of course the right people & # 8211 it matters.

What future projects do you have for the school?

I wish I could expand in the future and open up another legally organized form. But I don't want things to go forcibly, I want it to go naturally, on its own, towards a path to success. The extension should be based on the results of the work invested and appreciated by students and potential clients.

Healing skin lesions

Due to its anti-inflammatory or antiseptic properties, marigold cream is effective in quickly curing burns, irritations, scratches and insect bites.

Efficient emollient

Marigold cream is effective when it comes to softening very dry skin. This cream can be used for its emollient properties by applying on the heels, elbows or in areas where the skin is thickened.

Treats diaper rash on babies

Babies' skin is very sensitive and very easily irritated due to wearing diapers. Organic cream, based on marigold, can treat this type of irritation. But make sure you use a 100% natural cream, without added chemicals.

Insect repellent

The prominent smell of marigold cream, as well as the rich content of volatile oils make it an excellent mosquito repellent. Marigold cream can be used as a skin lotion that keeps insects away.

Remedy for menstrual cramps

Muscle cramps can be relieved by marigold cream. Massage your abdomen with marigold cream, using circular movements then apply a heated towel on the skin and you will feel a relief of pain specific to the difficult period of the month.

Marigold extract

Marigold extract can be found in the form of capsules, in the form of powder, but also in the form of tincture & ndash Here are the effects of marigold extract on health!

Reduces the pain caused by hemorrhoids

Studies in the field have shown that marigold extract helps reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids, but also stimulates and accelerates the healing of inflamed rectal tissue.

Heals conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations

Animal studies have shown that the antiviral and antibacterial effects of marigold extract are effective in reducing inflammation in the eyes. At the same time, marigold extract protects the eye tissues from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

It has antiseptic properties

Marigold extract has antiseptic effects, being effective in treating several infections. For example, marigold tincture cures ear infections. A few drops of marigold tincture applied daily to the inner ear reduces inflammation and accelerates healing.

Also, due to its antifungal properties, marigold extract can be used to treat vaginitis. Applying an ointment that contains a few drops of marigold tincture promotes the multiplication of good bacteria in the vaginal area.

Strengthens the immune system

Marigold extract strengthens the immune system, preventing colds. It also helps treat coughs and fevers.

Soothes muscle spasms

Marigold extract helps relax muscles, preventing muscle spam. Abdominal cramps caused by constipation are also relieved by this extract.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Princess cake

For a long time I wanted to try to make such a cake, and the opportunity came on my niece's birthday, so I didn't stop to think and went to work! Here's what came out:

I didn't use a new recipe, but I combined creams and countertops that I already knew worked out well. First I made two tops: the one from the Black Forest cake that I baked in the shape with a diameter of 24 cm and the top with cappuccino that I baked in a saucepan with a diameter of approx. 20 cm.

I cut both countertops into 4 sheets each, and from the one with cocoa I used only 2 sheets. I put a sheet of brown countertop on the plate, I syruped it a little, and around it I put the walls of the shape in which I baked it.

and on top of the second sheet of lightly syrupy countertop, then I put it in the fridge until I made the second cream.

I made the vanilla cream the same as on the chocolate mousse, only I didn't put chocolate, I replaced the starch with a vanilla pudding, and the rum essence with vanilla essence. From the cardboard I made a circle about the size of the countertop with cappuccino, I wrapped it in foil, I fixed it on the cake with toothpicks and I poured the vanilla cream

over which I put a sheet of countertop with cappuccino, lightly syruped and let it cool overnight.

For the top of the cake I made the cappuccino cream, I put about 3 tablespoons on the cake,

then again a countertop to which I cut a circle in the middle,

then cream again, countertop again and so on until I finished all the countertop sheets. The last sheet being the one at the base of the countertop did not fit in my cardboard ring, so I had to take it down.

I let the cake cool for a few hours, then I cut the top and the bottom so that it looks like a skirt (or rather a bell :))).

I rubbed half a packet of butter, mixed it with the remaining cappuccino cream and covered the whole cake in a thin layer of this mixture, insisting especially where the cream was exposed (so as not to soften the paste sugar).

I let the cake cool again, then I fixed the doll (also dressed in paste) and I dressed it in sugar paste. First I made the ruffles on the bottom, then I superimposed the strips of pink sugar paste folded to one side to look like the folds of the dress. On the edge of the plate I put the names with letters cut from the paste, butterflies and also from the paste I made balls in which I stuck the candles.

Cabbage cream soup. with identity

I received it today from Clau a beli stleingee liquest & # 8211 which in Korean English translation means a very strange request. Clau worked for a few years in a South Korean company, and until he got used to their way of speaking English, he was a fun subject for a while. Koreans can't pronounce a few consonants like V or R, plus they put totally different accents, which makes talking to them an art of intuition. We still use some of their maxims that aroused laughter in daily meetings or conversations with Koreans. .

For stlangee liquest today was a cabbage soup that tasted and could be eaten. That involves some flavors that inhibit the fad taste of boiled cabbage without any God, we could say totally atheist. I chose a piece of ginger, the stem of a thread lemon grass, a few cloves of garlic, soy sauce, pepper oil and a few Sichuan peppercorns, fresh mint leaves, plus a few spices. Some carrots work, but we are not friends with boiled carrots. I couldn't believe it either, but it came out more than edible, it came out good.

Texte De Tradus Din Romana In Engleza

Texts to be translated from Romanian into English. Download view texte de tradus din romana engleza as pdf for free. The free google service instantly translates phrases, words and web pages between Romanian and over 100 other languages. Text 1 let me tell you. This file contains some texts for the purpose of translation from Romanian into English and from English into Romanian.

Texte de tradus din romana engleza free download as word doc doc docx pdf file pdf text file txt or read online for free. Our unique translator can simultaneously translate up to 3000 words. Romanian English translation engine translate Romanian words and phrases into English and get usage examples in both languages. He looked like a good boy, so we met at a restaurant.

It can translate from English to Romanian but with a single click you can set it to start translating from Romanian to English. Conjugation verbs in English pronunciation texts in Romanian vocabulary Romanian English.

Vanilla cream for cakes and pies

Vanilla cream is one of the simplest and easiest to make creams for cakes.

Recipe this is one of my favorites because it can be used in a wide variety of desserts. It is delicious, and in combination with fresh fruit, vanilla cream it is a real treat.

You can also find on the blog a multitude of cake cream recipes in the category Basic recipes.


300 g flour, 150 g butter or margarine, 1 egg, a teaspoon of vinegar, 2 tablespoons milk, a little salt.

Obtain a shell from the above ingredients which is stretched with a rolling pin and cut into strips 1 cm & # 8211 1.5 cm thick, then roll on the cone. Grease with egg and bake in the hot oven for 20 minutes. Colds are filled with various creams.

Boiled cream& # 8211 1 glass of milk, 50 g flour, 100 g butter, 4 egg yolks, 100 g sugar and vanilla

Cream & # 82111 glass of cream, 100 g powdered sugar, a tablespoon of jam, cherries, vanilla, 2 grams of gelatin.

Egg white cream& # 8211 3 egg whites, 150 g sugar, 70 g water and 1/2 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice. The water with the sugar is boiled until it becomes blisters. Beat the egg whites until stiff, and put the boiled syrup and lemon on top of them.

Cream& # 8211 100 g butter, 4 tablespoons condensed milk, a tablespoon of syrup and apricot jam.

9 best homemade natural dishes images

A wonder cream, prepared at home, makes wrinkles become a memory in just seven days. Face cream for prevention, attenuation of wrinkles. The cream is made from only three accessible ingredients. Cristian 25 An article by Petrut. To prevent or stretch wrinkles, reduce swelling (bags) under the eyes and. Homemade creams have started to gain more and more ground.

Homemade anti-wrinkle creams are also a good gift idea for loved ones. The house lotion that will erase the wrinkles on your face. This natural cream moisturizes the skin very well, smoothes wrinkles and. Natural Anti-Wrinkle Cream 100% Organic, Organic Night from the Garden with. An anti-wrinkle cream, very good that gets rid of wrinkles and does not leave the skin. The best homemade anti-wrinkle mask is the honey-based one.

This remedy will help you get rid of wrinkles but also brown spots. Homemade moisturizing face cream for dry skin. The results can be seen after only 7 days.

A quarter cup of sweet almond oil.