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Antique style fritters (inimoare cu zahar)

Antique style fritters (inimoare cu zahar)

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Sift the flour and lightly incorporate a little of the milk, then add the whipped cream, not to make lumps. Mix well.

Beat the eggs with the sugar and chew with the milk flour composition. The composition should be a bit denser, not like the pancakes.

Put oil in a pan, heat it very well after which the form is introduced into the oil, heat it well and then put it in the composition and then quickly in the hot oil. which is powdered abundantly with powdered sugar.

It is a super good dessert, the recipe I received from a Spanish babutza.

PS: honestly I only made half the amount and they came out a lot

It goes perfectly and without sugar it can be replaced with cheese and a super good appetizer will result

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