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Bean beans

Bean beans

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The beans are washed well and soaked in several waters, from evening to morning, when the water is thrown from it. Peel and chop the onions, then simmer in a little oil. Cut the sausage into thin slices, as well as the kaizer.

After the onion has hardened, add the donut paste, pepper, paprika, slices of sausage and kaizer and the pressed garlic. Mix well then add the beans and water to cover the beans. Add salt and other spices and let them all boil well. When the beans, sausage and kaizer are cooked, sprinkle green parsley and green dill on top, finely chopped.

Great appetite!


Bean goulash (Babgulyas) is a kind of dense soup, very consistent, something between soup and stew. It is a very tasty and aromatic food, so good that you can hardly stop eating :). It is true that there is some work to be done in the preparation of bean goulash, but the result is fully worth it.
To prepare the bean goulash we used pork, but you can also use beef very well. I put in goulash and csipetke, a kind of flour dumplings about the size of a bean, which my family loves. As for smoking, I used a smoked shank, but you can use whatever smoke you like, with or without bone. Be sure to buy the beans in advance to keep them soaking overnight. This way it will boil better and will be much tastier.

Ingredients needed to prepare bean goulash (Babgulyas)

- 500-600gr beans (preferably with large beans)
- 500gr pork
- 1 smoked ciolan with bone (approx. 700gr)
- 2 onions
- 2 carrots
- 1 slice of celery
- 1 red pepper
- 4-5 cloves of garlic
- 4 tablespoons tomato paste
- 2 tablespoons oil
- 2 teaspoons paprika
- & # 189 teaspoon thyme
- 1 teaspoon ground cumin
- 3 bay leaves
- salt and pepper to taste
- 1 bunch of parsley

For flour dumplings (csipetke) you need:
- 1 ou
- 80gr flour (approximately)
- salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare bean goulash recipe (Babgulyas)

When the beans returned to the boil, I fried the diced pork in a non-stick pan greased with a little oil. I sprinkled a little salt and let it brown.
While the meat was frying in the pan, I cleaned the carrots and celery and chopped them, the carrots half lengthwise and then sliced ​​and the celery diced.
After the meat was browned, I put it in the bean goulash together with the carrots and celery and seasoned with salt (not too much because the ciolan is salty), paprika, ground cumin, pepper and thyme.

Bean goulash

Soak the beans and leave overnight. The next day it is boiled and the water is changed twice.

The kaizer is cut into strips, then hardened over high heat.

Add chopped onion, carrot, celery, parsley cut into thin strips.

Bake together for a few minutes, then add enough water to cover them.

After the vegetables are cooked, add the diced peppers.

Put boiled beans and enough water in a pot to cover it,

the mixture of vegetables with kaizer, diced peeled tomatoes and bay leaves.

Fill with two more cups of water and bring to a boil. Add the sweet and hot paprika, ground cumin, pepper and season with salt.