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Grease the slices of bread with butter and cream cheese. Over these we put the eyes from boiled egg slices and the pieces of black olives. The eyes will be the main element of the sandwich. I create the hair of little people from slices of pepper or cucumber, the nose from red pepper, or pepper and ham, the mouth from cucumber or ketchup.

You can replace these vegetables with whatever comes to mind and the child likes them.

Have fun!

How the gang of thieves acted with BMW attacking the eye-catching villas in luxury neighborhoods

Seven individuals from the county committed several robberies in a big style, with a BMW 7 series, after looking only at good-looking villas in Iaşi or the metropolitan area. From these they stole money, goods, or jewelry in the heaviest blow, in the house of an architect. How were they caught?

The prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Iaşi District Court ordered the trial of no less than seven young people who frightened the residents of the metropolitan areas of the city. The accused formed an organized gang and managed to break into 11 houses in nearby villages or in the neighborhoods of villas in the city. The data in the indictment show that Gabriel Năstasă, Eduard Baraboi, Vasile Bălreanu, Said Albetar, Vasile Ţ & icircmbalariu, Ştefan Alexandru and Constantin Alexandru worked as a team and provided you with housing & bdquoochioa & shyse & ldquo, only villas that could find money or goods.

11 identical bursts

The investigation into the seven young people started earlier this year, when the police began to report complaints of burglaries that had a similar mode of operation. The defendants were traveling in a BMW car in the surrounding areas of Iasi, respectively Lunca Cetăţuii, Valea Lupului, Rediu, Miroslava, Breazu, Dancu, Aroneanu, Valea Ursului, B & acircrnova, at low speed, on different streets to see the buildings could also steal property and to check if the injured persons are at home, by throwing stones & icircn glass or by moving & shyrea & icircn the yards of buildings & ldquo, it is shown & icircn indictment. Prosecutors also noted that when they found a house that was unattended, thieves managed to break into the house and steal property.

The leader of the gang was Gabriel Năstasă, who provided a BMW 7 series with which the thieves were traveling and which organized the robbery plans. Nastasa talked on the phone with the other accomplices, during the thefts, asking them where they could find goods and how not to be caught.

In fact, in order to catch as many members of this gang as possible, under conditions that are suspected of being otherwise unidentified, the investigators obtained permission from the court to listen to the phones of the thieves.

What was stolen from the architect

The biggest blow given by the group was to a house of an architect from Iaşi, from whose house he stole gold jewelry, a watch and money worth 36,000 lei. The thieves also caused significant damage to the other broken houses, from 4,500 lei, to 14,000 lei. In total, almost 100,000 lei were allegedly obtained by the thieves from the 11 broken houses.

All seven thieves admitted the facts when they were heard by prosecutors, even though some of them, in the first phase, said they were innocent. Three of them are remanded in custody, the rest being investigated under judicial control or in a state of freedom.

The story of the hat for Smiley, with lyrics on the edge

Maria Dumitrache is happy to tell about one of Smiley's hats. On the edge of felt, the creator laid the lyrics of the song Confession, words conceived even by the beloved singer. They are addressed to her parents: & # 8222I miss you, father / I want to see you more often / I haven't talked to my mother in a long time / Tell her I love her! & # 8221

This is what the hat created by Maria Dumitrache that Smiley will wear in her concerts looks like.

Smiley will wear this hat at the concerts he is going to give at the end of the year.

Delia, Inna, Lidia Buble or Gina Pistol also bought from Maria Dumitrache's hats.

& # 8222They are special people, dedicated to their work. At first, I was a little intimidated to talk to them, now I have relaxed. They are also people & # 8221, Maria confesses.

How can you make sure you choose the right gift for your child?

The first and easiest step to make sure you don't make the wrong choice is to ask the parent what his or her child would like. If the parent hesitates to answer you, spend a quarter of an hour on a cartoon TV station, to see what the toys in the commercials are, then ask the parent if the little one doesn't already have a certain toy that would tempt you. If your parents do not give you any help in choosing the gift, follow the instructions below.

Gift ideas for babies up to 1 year

Until this age, the most appreciated toys are the brightly colored ones, which rattle or make different sounds, which can be easily held in the hand or which have different textures.

There are interactive cardboard cards with buttons that mimic the sounds made by various animals. There are rattles that make various noises or toys from the Lamaze range, colorful, funny and that combine several types of material, to the baby's delight. You can choose a more sophisticated teething toy or you can opt for a projector lamp.

Last but not least, babies seem to appreciate musical plush toys, which play like a music box when operated.

Gift ideas for children between 1 and 2 years old

The number of toys available on the market for this age group is absolutely staggering. Of course, they are all very eye-catching, but if you want to make a really nice gift that can be used for more than a few hours, we advise you to use toys that are both fun and educational.

An interactive table or ball thrower can be extremely fun, but a set of cubes or a simple wooden puzzle might be more appreciated and of more interest.

It is also a period in which the little ones are passionate about sorting shapes, and if you have in mind a more expensive gift, it is time to focus on a tricycle adaptable to several stages of age.

Gift ideas for 2-3 year olds

At this age the child still seems to be extremely sensitive from a sensory point of view, while he finally does not put anything in his mouth. Therefore, we consider it a perfect time to discover plasticine, watercolors, finger or brush painting, modeling, coloring.

There are activities that will keep the little one busy for a long time, with the minimum contribution of the adult that should let the child's imagination develop and express itself freely. An active child may appreciate a 3-wheeled scooter or a soap bubble gun.

Colored chalk is another big hit at this age. Role-playing games are also finally starting, so the little one may enjoy preparing their favorite plush puppy's meal, or buying various plastic fruits or vegetables.

Gift ideas for 3-4 year olds

At this age the role play has already reached a certain degree of complexity. The child begins to want to play "kindergarten" or "doctor" and it is a good idea to follow his current passions and support him in such games, because they develop the imagination.

It is also the age at which the child begins to be interested in puzzles, which can be another wonderful gift idea. A children's scooter & bdquomari & rdquo can also be loved, a doll's stroller or a storybook.

The dollhouse may be another popular idea at this age. There are also a wide range of educational mini-laptops for this age in toy stores.

Gift ideas for preschoolers

This is the age at which children's curiosity probably reaches paroxysmal heights. Children are like little sponges capable of absorbing all the information that is offered to them.

You can buy various books or "educational notebooks", you can orient yourself to a magnetic board on which the child can also write, and stick magnets with letters or numbers, with which to "write" and make the first calculations.

It is the right age for lego, which fascinates many preschoolers. Children's musical instruments can also be of great interest. More sporty children will appreciate a bicycle, a pair of roller skates, both with related protections.

Between 7 and 9 years children will love the games that are played in several. The classics Don't be upset brother, Mikado or other variations with the game board will become their favorites, because they can play them together with friends, thus stimulating the competitiveness that appears naturally. Girls can appreciate the sets for creating jewelry, painting a set of tea or decorating a bag. Boys can opt for action games. All children are now in the period when their appetite for reading can be opened by choosing the right books.

After 9 years children will be fascinated by various experimental science kits. They will appreciate their own chemistry lab, their own greenhouse, a telescope or a microscope. The bike, rollers and ice skates will remain on top, and will be joined by skateboarding, various more sophisticated scooters and a passion for swimming, horseback riding or team sports. Computer games and various game consoles will become more and more tempting, but it is good to consult with your parents before choosing such gifts.

Based on the experience of your child or children in the family, how would you complete the above suggestions?

Chocolate, candy, tooooort! Aren't these words foreign to you and that you tend to buy them all in large quantities? We suspected! But, if you are afraid that you will not know exactly how to manage this situation now, around Christmas, you will find out that there are some real solutions, coming from the specialists, that will allow us to have a good holiday. Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu, doctor specializing in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases within the REGINA MARIA Private Health Network and nutrition counselor with extensive professional experience, was kind enough to offer us more clarifications not only about children's nutrition in the festive season, but of the whole family!

We will meet with Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu at the & # 8222Mother Workshops & # 8221 on December 11, an event hosted, as usual, by Connect Hub in Bucharest.

Talk to Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu about what and how to eat for the holidays

EVERYTHING ABOUT MOTHERS: When a product announces through the packaging and the label that it is special for children, does it mean that we can put it quietly in the shopping cart?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: Not necessarily. We quite often find baby products that have a lot of sugar or other flavor enhancers (glucose-fructose syrup), color additives that become dangerous if consumed in large quantities and regularly. Also, supplementing some products with certain synthetic vitamins and minerals is not a guarantee that they will be assimilated by the body. Excessively sweet and beautifully colored products are usually to be avoided!

ALL ABOUT MOTHERS: We often hear that the best products are those that have few ingredients. Something like "simpler is nicer." How much does the number of ingredients matter to make sure the product you choose is the best choice?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: I am of the opinion that the simpler the list of ingredients, not necessarily the shorter, the more natural the product, the more natural it is, ie it has the chance to contain fewer additives. Of course, the quality of these ingredients is also important, ie the type of sugars and fats they contain.

ALL ABOUT MOTHERS: Beautifully packaged sweets are definitely on the gift list this holiday season. What should parents pay attention to when they put on the shopping list those wonderful sweets from the stores?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: Every packaged product has a label! Our responsibility as parents, but also our consumer right is to read the label to choose the product according to the quality of the ingredients, and not according to appearance, color or taste. I recommend that the chosen products do not contain excess sugar (& gt15 g sugar / 100 g product), do not contain unhealthy fats (hydrogenated or trans) and do not have artificial colors (E 102, E104, 110, 122, 123, 124 , E127- E139 E 142-E 151).

EVERYTHING ABOUT MOTHERS: What alternatives do we have to eye-catching sweets and, why not admit, tasty, for gifts under the Christmas tree?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: The healthier alternatives are homemade sweets, because they are natural, you can better control the quality and quantity of ingredients used. I recommend reducing the amount of sugar in recipes or replacing sugar with honey or dried fruit and using natural dyes from berries, carrots, beets, turmeric or saffron. This does not mean that we do not admit that at least for the holidays we have candy or chocolate at the Christmas tree, but in moderation!

EVERYTHING ABOUT MOTHERS: The winter holidays are seen by children and parents as the time when food bans fall and culinary indulgence is the order of the day. What are the rules that parents should not deviate from, however, in the festive season?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: Of course, the holiday season is a time of relaxation and culinary freedoms, but it is nevertheless good to keep in mind that:
& # 8211 is not good to eat on TV, computer or during other activities (at play). Only conscious and careful eating of what we chew can control satiety and therefore portion!

& # 8211 dessert is always taken after a meal (ideally 2 hours after a meal), and not before, because it decreases children's appetite

& # 8211 It is good to move after the meal, to help digestion, but also to consume excess calories during this period.

ALL ABOUT MOTHERS: Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: The immediate consequences of food excesses during this period, of the associations between sugars and concentrated fats, are digestive disorders such as dyspepsia (nausea, vomiting), abdominal colic, gastritis. The subsequent consequences are those related to weight gain, for which, if no immediate measures are taken, they will lead to overweight, obesity with known metabolic and cardiovascular complications.

EVERYTHING ABOUT MOTHERS: How do we make the return from the holiday menu to the previous one, from the usual days, as smooth as possible?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: After this period of inappropriate, indigestible food combinations, it would be good to eat foods high in fiber (raw vegetables and fruits, whole grains or flour), low in saturated fat (fish, avocado, low-fat dairy), easily digestible foods. Returning to a healthy lifestyle will be done gradually, avoiding processed foods that contain E's, synthetic flavors and excess sugar.

ALL ABOUT MOTHERS: What would be the best advice to have a quiet and nutritious holiday?

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu: The healthiest recommendations at a time when we do not want bans would be TEMPORARY AND MOVEMENT!

Other tips I generally recommend are:

1. Choose foods that are as natural as possible and that are not overly sweet. Everything that is natural does not create addiction!

2. Cook as many of the dishes on the menu with love!

3. Chew slowly and carefully and just taste the multitude of dishes on the table!

4. The dessert should be after the meal, just about 2 hours away, and enjoyed slowly, to control the portion!

5. After a hearty meal you can eat raw pineapple to facilitate digestion!

5. Take walks in the afternoon, use every opportunity to move!

6. Enjoy your time with your loved ones more than your food!

7. Avoid sweet foods and large portions at dinner!

Dr. Ruxandra Avramescu will be with us at the December edition of & # 8222Mother Workshops & # 8221 to tell us how to interpret what is on the labels of the products we put in the basket at the supermarket. At the same time, it will draw a guide to reading food labels to help us every time we go shopping. At this edition, supported by REGINA MARIA & # 8211 Private Health Network, there will be a workshop for children run by the Smart Education team. Registrations can be made here.

Living human treasures. The story of Rafila Moldovan

Slowly, the world of the village is changing. The traditional values ​​begin to be forgotten or we bring them to light, with a specific direction, on various holidays. Many of the most valuable craftsmen and rhapsodists have passed on to the eternal ones. Those who are still alive, some of them even living human treasures, are almost all at the age of old age and we rarely hear anything about them. Rafila Moldovan's story can be an example of what we still have and can lose.

You can find it at work in the yard or when sewing or kneading the pie dough. Or, to make matters worse, he sings or writes poems. Rafila Moldovan from Idicel Pădure has, at the age of 81, the same sharp mind and the same skilful hands as in her youth. If you step on her doorstep and ask her what she is doing, she answers you gruffly: "I do everything and I have no increase." but he does it all with gusto! He is a famous folk craftsman, he sings with grace, he writes poems and, if you talk to her, you have to understand the meaning beyond words. However, he remained a modest man, a simple woman from the country, even after the Romanian state admitted, with proper documents, that Rafila Moldovan is a living human treasure, a title that was granted to her in 2018.

"I worked, sewed and sang. “

Living human treasures is a UNESCO initiative for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage and was taken over in 2010 by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Among the living human treasures are famous folk craftsmen and rhapsodists - Nicolae Pițiș, Vasile Soporan, Mariana Gligor or Ion Crețeanu. Aunt Rafila modestly says she was stunned when she found out. "I don't know if I deserve this title, maybe I did something in this life too. I had a hard life, I caught the war, it was a terrible time, but my passion, as a child, was sewing, I sewed wherever I could and, when I went for grooming, I sewed and sang. I loved to sing and maybe I would have gone far if I had school, but it wasn't to be! ”

The song banishes anger and wolves.

If you urge her to tell her story, her voice begins to tremble. "It is impossible to tell what we did.

I remember working since we were little, full of lice and itching, but we worked hard to support ourselves. But there were also beautiful things back then, I had sitters in the winter, I twisted all the girls in the village, I also spent the harvest and the holidays. In the summer we reaped from daybreak until the moon rose, we mowed like men, we walked in the woods alone, we rode horses. It was hard, it was beautiful. I believe that if we don't have a past, we don't have a future, and if you don't have God with you, then you have nothing, only then are you really poor. "

Rafila Moldovan has, in the depths of her soul, even now a wound that sometimes hurts, that she didn't get to sing on stage. "The song is a divine gift that drives away worries and difficulties, it also drives away wolves", says Aunt Rafila. That's why she also tells today's parents to let their children do what they think they can do well in life. She didn't get what she wanted.

The story of a buried treasure

Another story that still shakes her is the old folk costumes she hid in the ground during the war. "I had many old folk costumes made with great skill and it was a shame to lose them. When the war started, I put them in a coffin and hid them in the ground and that's how they escaped! ”He dug up the folk costumes from the ground, after the war, as a treasure, as he still keeps them in the small museum Near house. She is upset that today's young people no longer value or wear them. And his mind flees, again, to the old days. It was a world that was slowly setting, a world that valued the human soul, pure thought and poetry. Tanti Rafila has seven volumes of lyrics, all written just because she felt she had to write them. Not only did he write poetry because that is what God wanted. She was destined to see foreign countries as she had not dreamed of as a child. "Only after stepping abroad can you appreciate your country, but also the others", Rafila Moldovan concludes her story and her thoughts fly back to the old days, to the old holidays and to the old songs that made her soul cry.

Viscri village or how traditions have survived time

The village of Viscri, located in southeastern Transylvania, became famous especially after Prince Charles visited it and, fascinated by the simplicity of the place, decided to help people. Through a foundation, he contributed to the restoration of authentic Saxon houses and the arrangement of sewers. The support of Romania by Prince Charles was also made public in the documentary "Wild Carpathia", from which we note that the British Crown Prince proves to be a true ambassador of our country. "People may not see this, but Romania is a wonderful country," says Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son.

At Viscri, the Prince of Wales was always greeted with smiles by tourists, Romanians and foreigners, and the locals were waiting for him with kindness and warm thanks. For two years, he has not arrived in the village, for various reasons. But one thing has been proven over time: that tourism can save Romanian villages. The model of success in this regard is even Viscri, where simplicity, authenticity and modesty have changed people's destiny.

Located 80 kilometers from Brașov and 40 from Sighișoara, the village of Viscri was included by UNESCO in the world heritage in 1999. In 2000 Prince Charles of Wales bought a Saxon house here, built at the end of the 18th century. And the tourists started coming. At first, only a few dozen gathered. After 20 years, their number has grown to almost 30,000 annually. And this is how a village once condemned to oblivion and ruin now brings together locals who lead a decent life.

Revenues from tourism

Mariana Purghel worked at a boarding house in the village and cooked traditional food for those who visited the village. Because there was no restaurant in Viscri, Mariana decided to open one herself. Localnica now cooks for at least 100 customers a day, and its income comes from tourism. At the same time, Mariana is the administrator of the Association of "Women from Viscri", which makes felt products (textile product obtained by tapping wool or the untidy hair of some animals), and their news spread to Europe. In Viscri, thick wool socks and felt slippers are in Mrs. Mariana's store, waiting for the buyers, but also in the one in Germany.

It was once…

The story of the business with wool socks and felt slippers started 20 years ago. Then, Harald Riese, a teacher, and his wife, Maria Westerwald, settled in the village of Viscri, received from a local woman a pair of socks woven from sheep's wool. Aunt Leana was a poor old woman begging in the village. One day, he went with a pair of crocheted socks at Harald Riese's gate to ask for food in return. Harald, the founder of the Viscri-Socken project, tells the German newspaper Badische Zeitung how one morning Leana stopped by as usual to beg for food, but to exchange. a few pairs of stockings braided by her for a bottle of oil. Riese, who had just had visitors from Germany, offered her five marks for socks, representing the salary for two days of work in the stable. His guests also liked the socks and also ordered several pairs. The other women in the village found out about this opportunity, mobilized and soon began the production and delivery of socks, which were now successful in Germany.

Sock time at Viscri

Due to the story with the socks, the villagers from Viscri also became the characters of a documentary film, Romanian-German co-production. The film, entitled Sock Village, was made by Ileana Stănculescu, a filmmaker who accidentally discovered, a few years ago, written on a gate, an ad: "Sock Hour - Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 12". "From a backpack full of socks, a small industry has developed. Twice a week, all the women gather in the German court: half of the village on Wednesday, the other half on Friday, from a certain time, handing over their socks. They are controlled not to make mistakes, not to be too long or too short, everything is "German". It is often left with scandal because women try to knit beautifully, but they are denied socks: for an extra inch, they have to start over. These are the requirements of those who buy them: they claim that the product is perfect ", says Ileana Stănculescu.

This is how the idea of ​​"Viscri" socks was born, and the women from the Transylvanian village put on wool knitted socks for the Germans.

In the meantime, the Association of "Women from Viscri" was founded, and today about 50 women are busy making socks and felt that they work from home. In this way, women ensure a basic income. The money is not very much, instead they have some advantages that - in Romania, in the country, are welcome, such as pension insurance, sickness and unemployment insurance.

Over time, wool socks began to be sold in a larger volume in Germany, at church and Christmas bazaars or to order, and to meet the demands, a "stocking store" was set up in Stegen. near Freiburg.

In the beginning, crocheted socks were given in exchange for the food that housewives needed: sugar, oil or flour. Now, the women in the association produce thousands of pairs of socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, blankets or felt slippers that go all over the world, bearing the name of Romania. More than 50,000 pairs of socks have taken it to the West since 1999.


Baked chicken legs in goose fat

Baked chicken legs in goose fat recipe with images for the tenderest and tastiest chicken steak. Baked chicken legs, candied in lard.

Very recently, I received the challenge of organizing a recipe contest for those who follow me on my Facebook page, and in addition to the prize won, the first place winner will have the joy of seeing his recipe in my approach, published on blog. The challenge came from a brand that I really appreciate, Happy Chicken. By the way, in the more than ten years of culinary blogging, I have never recommended a product that I should not consume myself, together with my family. Well, Happy Chicken is one of the products I have placed my full trust in, often putting it on the family table.

Returning to our contest, winner, designated both by the public votes (Facebook likes) and by the jury that selected the finalist recipes, was the recipe proposed by Cosmina Diana Bujor-Petrea. I was very happy, I'm not hiding from you, because I noticed Cosmina a long time ago, she is one of the most active and involved readers and really passionate about cooking. Her recipe involved cooking over low heat, in lard, baked chicken legs, and serving them with an apple sauce. Basically, some candied chicken legs, as I did with the duck ones or of biblical. Well, I was fully aware of the taste potential of this cooking technique, so I knew before I started that a very tasty meal was waiting for me!

To a very small extent I changed Cosmina's recipe. Not so much the way the legs are cooked, which is identical, but the sauce. I left the whole apples without passing them, preferring to have another item on my plate. The taste, however, was really festive. Dear Cosmina, thank you for the meal!

Müzeyyen Senar

Müzeyyen Senar with Mustafa Kemal

It's called Cumhuriyet & # 8217in DivasıDiva of the Republic. When I hear his name, the Turks have only one thing in mind: Benzersiz bir ses. – A voice without resemblance.

He was born five years before the proclamation of the Republic in Bursa, the birthplace of many famous names in the history of classical music in Turkey. He attracted the attention of masters in the field from an early age with his extraordinarily strong voice. A început să ia lecții de la maeștrii precum Sadettin Kaynak și Selahattin Pınar şi, într-un timp foarte scurt, a devenit extrem de cunoscută. Chiar și Mustafa Kemal Atatürk a ascultat-o cântând pe scenă.

A scos albume și în perioada discurilor, și în cea a casetelor, și în cea a CD-urilor, iar acesta este numai unul dintre multele motive pentru care Müzeyyen Senar a rămas unul dintre cei mai apreciați artiști ai Turciei din toate timpurile. Radi Dikçi o descrie astfel în cartea pe care i-a dedicat-o: Dudakların arasından dökülen tek noktayla milyonların yüreğini titreten eşşiz bir ses.

O voce fără egal care face să tremure inimile a milioane de oameni doar printr-o singură notă care răsună de pe buzele sale.

10 cadouri de 8 martie pe care le meriți și pe care ar trebui să ți le cumperi singură

Începe cu această zi și uită tot ce te ține pe loc. De 8 martie, ziua internațională a femeii, trebuie să te sărbătorești ca și cum abia te-ai trezit la viață. Feminitatea ta și rolurile pe care le joci în fiecare zi: de iubita, de mamă, de fiică, de prietenă, de angajată – model, toate, pe măsură ce te îmbogățesc cu satisfacții, te și storc de orice picătură de timp pentru tine. Pentru asta există ziua femeii, ca să îți amintești că e timpul să trăiești și pentru tine. Așa că, începe prin a te răsfăța unu unul sau mai multe din aceste lucruri și experiențe incredibile:

Să călătorești singură înseamnă să experimentezi cu adevărat gustul libertății. Nu depinzi de prieteni capricioși, îți faci programul după cum dorești, mai precis, zero compromisuri. Dacă nu ai mai făcut asta până acum, emoțiile și intensitatea noilor experiențe te vor copleși într-un mod plăcut. Atunci când călătorești singură, ești nevoită să interacționezi cu oameni, să ceri indicații, să socializezi și să asculţi poveştile persoanelor pe care le întâlneşti.

Cel mai probabil, o călătorie de una singură de ziua femeii va urca rapid în topul celor mai grozave lucruri pe care le-ai făcut în viața ta. Dacă ești o fire introvertită, un city break în Austria te va îmbogăți cu splendoarea peisajelor – munte, zăpadă, apă. Pentru a te simți frumoasă, încearcă Istanbul – vei fi copleșită de complimente în timpul plimbărilor tale. Portugalia este țara cu oameni calzi și prietenoși și petreceri unde toată lumea dansează. Iar city break-ul pe care ți-l faci cadou de 8 martie nu trebuie să te coste o avere. Vezi ce destinații ieftine recomandă și învață să călătorești fără să te gândești la buget.

Florile au o energie aparte, sunt un element viu care reflectă frumusețea naturii și pot readuce la viață orice suflet amărât și orice încăpere. Un aranjament floral deosebit are capacitatea să transforme instant o stare fără să fie nevoie de cuvinte. Culoarea, forma, perfecțiunea florilor ne dau o energie spectaculoasă, numai bună pentru a începe cum se cuvine petrecerea de 8 martie. Ar trebui să te răsplătești un buchet de flori proaspete mereu, nu doar de ziua femeii.

Desigur, 8 martie este și ziua mamei, așa că indiferent unde se află ea, merită să-i arăți aprecierea și recunoștința ta, comandându-i un buchet de flori. Încarcă-te de emoția plănuirii unui astfel de gest, scanând cu privirea unele dintre mai frumoase buchete create de designeri de flori, care pot ajunge în doar două ore pe masa din living a mamei tale, cu ajutorul . Poți să-ți faci de cap cu florile și să le trimiți câte un buchet de 8 martie tuturor femeilor care te-au inspirat să fii cine ești azi: bunica, doamna învățătoare, anumite profesoare nu uita să le spui despre semnificația gestului – găsește cele mai simple și autentice urări. Să dăruiești îți oferă o satisfacție grozavă și te face să te simți cu adevărat femeie.

Nu ai nevoie de un bărbat ca să te simți sexy și adorată poți doar, eventual, să te inspiri din clasicele cadouri de 8 martie pentru iubite. Există o rețetă mai simplă și cu beneficii multiple, care te poate face, fără excepție, să te simți sexy și încrezătoare: sportul, spa-ul și lenjeria sexy. Răsplătește-te cu un abonament la cea mai apropiată sală de sport, ca să nu-ți găsești scuze să absentezi.

După un antrenament intens, ai mușchii încordați, pielea hidratată iar încrederea în tine e cea care te va surprinde plăcut. Adaugă o oră de relaxare la spa – un masaj relaxant îți va reactiva simțurile și îți va calma toate spasmele de după exercițiul fizic. Un duș, și tot ce îți mai trebuie este o lenjerie intimă ca This one , care să îți îmbrace seducător formele și să te facă să te simti irezistibilă, indiferent ce haine decizi să porți pe deasupra.

Din galeria de citate memorabile ale lui Coco Chanel ne amintim că „simplitatea este cheia eleganței adevarate“. Un simplu outfit poate deveni spectacol de încredere dacă este accesorizat corect. Iar unei femei, de ziua ei, n-ar trebui să-i lipsească de la încheietura mâinii un ceas statement.

E genul de ceas pe pe care ți-l dorești de multă vreme și pe care decizi că trebuie să ți-l faci cadou. Folosește filtrele de stil de pe ca să afli care este ceasul care se potrivește cel mai bine personalității tale. Coco Chanel, fără îndoială, s-ar arunca cu voluptate asupra unui ceas danez Skagen este simplu, minimalist și poate fi accesorizat la orice ținută, fie ea casual sau elegantă.

Se spune că diamantele sunt cele mai bune prietene ale unei femei. Diamantele, totodată, sunt cadoul suprem pe care un bărbat îl poate face unei femei – este scump și îi lipsește valoarea instrinsecă. Nu poți să le conduci, nu poți să locuiești în ele, nu-ți țin de cald, dar frumusețea lor te fascinează pe tine și pe toți cei care le admiră reflectând excentric lumina de la nivelul pielii tale. Un diamant pe inelarul unei femei înseamnă că un bărbat a fost interesat să facă o investiție pe termen lung.

Așa ar trebui să ne raportăm și noi la noi însene. Suntem frumoase cu fiecare zâmbet pe care îl oferim, cu fiecare gest de bunătate și cu fiecare semn de grijă față de cei din jurul nostru. Odată ce reușim să vedem cine suntem cu adevărat, putem investi în noi, ne putem răsplăti simbolic pentru toate eforturile pe care le facem în fiecare zi. Începe povestea încrederii în tine cu o bijuterie cu diamante. Pe găsești bijuterii cu diamante cu 15% discount, astfel încât prima achiziție să fie o afacere bună.

Ritualul preparării unui ceai deosebit îți poate induce o stare de liniște și calm în fiecare zi. E o idee bună să te întrebi ce fel de ceai îți poate alinia gândurile și stimula papilele. Ceaiul verde Matcha, spre exemplu, este unul dintre cele mai cunoscute și vechi produse în Japonia. Este un ceai verde pudră, folosit de regulă în ceremonia ceaiului, un ritual influențat de budismul Zen, unde i se mai spune și „roua prețioasă lichidă”.

Conexiunea simbolică între Matcha și echilibrul mental și emoțional se spune că oferă băutorului satisfacție deplină pentru toate cele 5 simțuri. Matcha este renumit pentru gustul său bogat, dulceag și pentru aroma atrăgatoare. Răsplătește-ți simțurile cu un astfel de ceai sau orice sortiment te relaxează și sărbătorește de ziua femeii starea de bine. Pe , am găsit cele mai interesante ceaiuri și arome, potrivite pentru un ritual simplu de introspecție.

De câte ori ai ajuns acasă doar ca să îți dai seama că te simți singură, obosită și fără chef de nimic? Dacă până acum nu ai avut curaj să o recunoști, de ziua internațională a femeii ar trebui să fie destul de clar – ai nevoie de compania unui blănos cu mustăți. Pisicile sunt un companion grozav și un partener minunat de distracție și relaxare. Iată doar câteva motive pentru care o pisică este cadoul perfect pe care ți-l poți face de 8 martie:

  • Sunt mereu bine-dispuse și îți transmit o stare de fericire
  • Se adaptează ușor oricărui mediu
  • Au nevoie limitată de spațiu
  • Sunt independente și se descurcă singure atunci când ești plecată la serviciu
  • Nu mai ai nevoie de alarmă dimineața
  • Te răsfață cu masaje și te calmează.
  1. Pregătește un shooting special pentru tine și femeile din viața ta

Sărbătorește-te într-un mod cu adevărat unic de ziua femeii. Cheamă toate prietenele, verișoarele, mama, bunica, toate femeile importante din viața ta la tine acasă și organizează un photo shooting care să imortalizeze relația voastră. Decorează casa ca pentru o petrecere poți folosi drept inspirație atât pentru a crea cadrul perfect cât și pentru a găsi cele mai ochioase rețete de cocktailuri și gustări.

Tot ce mai lipsește este să aduceți un fotograf profesionist, ideal tot o femeie, să vă bucurați pe deplin de ideea grozavă și să creați amintiri pentru mai târziu. Ședința foto se va transforma în scurtă vreme într-o petrecere în adevăratul sens al cuvântului și într-o tradiție, poate, pe care o puteți relua anul care urmează, tot cu ocazia zilei de 8 martie, sărbătoarea femeii.

Faptul că femeile iubesc pantofii este un lucru deja știut. Bette Middler spunea: „dă-i unei fete pantofii potriviți și va cuceri lumea”. Pantofii completează o ținută, ne fac mai înalte, ne dau încredere în noi și ne fac să mergem ca și când am avea constant trei bărbați în spatele nostru.

Toate femeile ajung într-un punct al vieții în care se îndrăgostesc, pur și simplu de imaginea lor pe tocuri. Iar tu, de ziua femeii, ar trebui să te răsfeți cu cel puțin trei perechi noi de pantofi. Pe , spre exemplu, pantofii pornesc de la 130 de lei și sunt perfecți pentru a-ți reînnoi colecția de încălțăminte preferată pentru primăvara aceasta.

Dansul te învață să te simți în largul tău în o sumedenie de situație pe care, de altfel, nu știi să le gestionezi prea bine – te apropie de oameni, te face mai comunicativă și te ajută să-ți descoperi noi valențe sportive. Oferă-ți de ziua femeii un abonament la cursuri de dans, iar, dacă vrei cu adevărat să afli mai multe despre tine și limitele tale, încearcă un dans senzual precum kizomba.

Kizomba se dansează cu mișcări senzuale inspirate din tangoul argentinian, foarte lin şi încet, cu priză lejeră. Ai nevoie de o oarecare flexibilitate a genunchilor, având în vedere frecvența mișcărilor de unduire a corpului în sus și în jos pe care va trebui să le execuți. Dansând Kizomba trebuie să pui accent pe mișcările bazinului și ale soldurilor. Va fi foarte satisfăcător să înveți să te lași condusă de partener și învăluită de dans.

Semnificația zilei de 8 martie

În fiecare primăvară grecii antici o serbau pe Rhea, mama tuturor zeilor. Putem spune că aici își are rădăcinile sărbătoarea pe care o cunoaștem noi astăzi. În Europa, o celebrare similară s-a ținut pentru prima dată la 19 mai 1911 în Germania, Austria, Danemarca și în alte câteva țări. Data a fost aleasă de femeile germane pentru că amintea de promisiunea regelui Prusiei de a introduce votul pentru femei. Ziua internaţională a femeii a apărut, așadar, ca un simbol al luptei femeilor pentru drepturi egale.

În România, de 8 martie se sărbătoreşte Femeia. Până în decembrie 1989 se vorbea mai degrabă de ziua mamei, însă după revoluţia din 1989 ziua mamei a fost înlocuită cu ziua femeii. Mai mult, zilele de 1 și 8 martie au o semnificație aparte pentru noi, pentru că marchează venirea primăverii și dezmorțirea naturii. Cu ocazia acestor zile, femeile primeasc mărțișoare și flori din partea bărbaților.

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