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Aromatic jam made of bistrite plums

Aromatic jam made of bistrite plums

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Wash the plums and remove the seeds. We pass the plums through the meat machine or chop them with the food processor.

We prepare a large pan / pot, preferably made of tuci (so mine or another model, it doesn't matter), we add the ground plum paste and the sugar.

Put the pan on the flame and stir quite often for about three good hours (because as the jam thickens, it tends to stick to the bottom of the pot).

In the meantime, wash and dry (in the stove oven) the jars with lids.

When the jam reaches the desired density, add the essence, mix well, then get drunk with the smell emanating from the mixture (let it bubble a few more times and remove from the heat).

We fill the containers, which we placed in a tray with a little water, so that they do not burst from the heat of the jam, then we put the lids, we screw and place the jars for approx. 5 'upside down, ie on the lid. Then turn them over and leave them like this until they cool.

We label them and place them in the pantry.

Good appetite !

Pumpkin jam

I adore pumpkin and I say strongly that I adore and pumpkin jam !

The taste, the color, the aroma of it pumpkin jams it is unique in my opinion. From this butternut squash, pumpkin, Luda many delicious dishes can be prepared. I like baked, boiled, but it is also special as a garnish used with various steaks or salad. Today it's time to prepare Pumpkin Pie Jam. Many variants of pumpkin jam recipes I tried, this is in my opinion, the most fragrant so far, so I recommend it with all my heart. Find other interesting recipes in the section Canned and Pickled Recipes .

Ingredients Pumpkin jam :

2.5 kg butternut squash (peeled and seeded)
10 g fresh ginger
3 vials of vanilla essence
1 cinnamon stick
2 lamai
1 kg of old gelling agent Margaritar
700 ml water
1 teaspoon preservative powder (or half a teaspoon of salicyl)

Preparation Pumpkin jam :

trustee pumpkin and remove the seeds with a spoon. cut pumpkin cleaned cubes. We put it in a pan pumpkin(watermelon, ludaia) cut and pour over 700 ml of water, the juice of 2 lemons and the shells cut in half from the squeezed lemons, the freshly grated ginger (if you don't like ginger you can give it up) and the cinnamon stick.

Cover with a lid and simmer for 40-50 minutes pumpkin it is boiled (the fork penetrates it easily) stirring from time to time so that it does not stick. After the pieces of pumpkin are boiled, remove the lemon peels, cinnamon and with a sieve pass the pieces of pumpkin so that larger pieces still remain.

Add the gelling sugar, the vanilla essences, let it boil for another 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, add the preservative powder, put pumpkin jam in jars, we staple and put them dry between the beds until the next day.

PS. : If you do not want to use preservative powder, I recommend sterilizing the jars in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Put the hot jam in jars and then dry. I hope you have!

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Plum jam (Szilva Lekvar)

We wash and pluck the plums, then we pass them through the mincer (I ground them with the food processor). In a saucepan (labose) put the ground prunes to boil. We do not put the pan directly on the flame but on a hob.

Let it boil for about 5 hours until it drops more than half (if we want to get a stronger jam that can be used for various fillings such as hajose, croissants, keys,., Etc.) always stirring not to stick.

Add 2 kg of sugar and stirring, always let it boil together with the sugar for about 1 hour.

At the end we add 1 tablespoon of salicyl. Put the jam in jars, staple it and put it in dry dust (in beds) until the next day. This way we get the delicious plum jam.
Good appetite!

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HILDA 8 years ago - 4 September 2009 15:18

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

ramisimion 8 years ago - 15 September 2009 17:39

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

the jam is on fire, it smells so good. please tell me the walnut kernel I put it whole or cut it into pieces. thanks!

Ioana 8 years ago - 15 September 2009 19:34

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

ramisimion 8 years ago - 15 September 2009 21:07

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

I broke it. it turned out delicious!

ramisimion 8 years ago - 29 September 2009 21:01

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

starting from your recipe I made jam with peaches with plums and raisins. the peaches were yellow-green, not very ripe and I can tell you that I got a very good jam. looks so beautiful in jars! the jam prepared in this way has become our favorite.

ramisimion 8 years ago - 29 September 2009 22:03

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

sorry only with peaches, nuts and raisins.

Ioana 8 years ago - September 30, 2009 10:13

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

super nice, send me a picture if you manage to do it!

ramisimion 8 years ago - 30 September 2009 10:27

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Morariu Ionela 7 years ago - 25 August 2010 13:28

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Super sweet bunutza. Thanks for the recipe.

ilona 7 years ago - 29 August 2010 20:39

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

I will try for sure! I like raisins and plums!

Andrei Florea 7 years ago - 30 August 2010 12:39

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Feteleeee. . It's autumn and the plums have ripened. I advise you to try Majunul or silvoita. It is an authentic Romanian product and I don't think it can be compared to any other jam. It's something wonderful, full of mystical charge, I would say, considering the fact that it must be watched for hours, bubbling in the oven. It should be noted that it is a very good antioxidant with better properties than broccoli in this regard. Aesthetically I would notice the special, strong color gives the impressive right in which someone would find "energetic" powers. .. about the nush aroma what can I tell you more than that it is unmistakable and you would like to keep it for ever in the kitchen. I advise you to try the experience even just to relive childhood memories when your grandmother or aunts from the country at the end of your vacation smelled the kitchen with this wonderful "sweetness". The end of summer and vacation and the beginning of autumn must have the smell of PLUM MAY!

Andrei Florea 7 years ago - 30 August 2010 12:48

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

. and I forgot to tell you something else. Immediately the next day make a portion of dumplings with Majun, rolled in breadcrumbs with sugar. . Good appetite !

Aluas Maria 7 years ago - 13 December 2010 14:29

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

I made it about two months ago. It is very good and I am really excited about this sweet recipe. Thank you Ioana. I can't wait for next year to be able to do more.

Ariana 5 years ago - 6 September 2012 17:04

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

When I saw it I knew it had to be very tasty so I did it and what can I say is a delight, we are still on it, it is almost gone.
I can't wait to make it again, about 3 servings, so maybe I have a jar left in the winter.
Thank you for the recipe and for sweetening us in such a pleasant way!

Ioana 5 years ago - 6 September 2012 17:57

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

with great pleasure, especially since it is one of my favorite sweets

Andreea 5 years ago - 7 September 2012 12:10

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Hi! Are the nuts dry or raw?

Ioana 5 years ago - 7 September 2012 13:49

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Andreea 5 years ago - 7 September 2012 13:54

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Monica Mihaly 5 years ago - 10 September 2012 11:08

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Is this the problem if we freeze this recipe and don't put it in jars?
I'm not very lucky with the borcae

Ioana 5 years ago - 10 September 2012 13:49

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

if you could put the pans in the fridge for a few days before freezing them. the idea is that in time, the aromas of this sweetness will be combined and it will be better after it stays. if you froze it directly you would lose this.

Gabi 5 years ago - 6 November 2012 21:40

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Ioana, am I going to try it with quince? What do you suggest? I have some country quinces and I couldn't find a reliable recipe, without gelfix and others like that. :-D Thank you very much!

Mari Ana 4 years ago - 1 September 2013 14:18

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

I also made the recipe yesterday. The taste is special, but it seems a bit fluid and I'm afraid it won't last over the winter. Is that how it turned out for you, Ioana? From the pictures I would say so. :-)

Ioana 4 years ago - 2 September 2013 10:14

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

MariAna, it's more fluid sweetness. but after it cools and cools for a few days, the syrup will thicken and last well. This is exactly the case with blueberry jam.
jams that contain walnuts, pistachios or other nuts have a shorter warranty period, but still last over the winter.

Mari Ana 4 years ago - September 3, 2013 10:58

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Dear Ioana, I only have one jar left, the rest was served over the weekend to friends and neighbors, who all said: special. :-) So I don't think the last one will catch him in the winter. I'm sorry I didn't make apricot jam with pistachios, now I don't have much chance to find apricots.

Ioana 4 years ago - 3 September 2013 13:04

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

what a pity MariAna, the one with pistachio became Radu's favorite. but at least you can put another round of plum jam

maryana64 4 years ago - 10 September 2013 14:24

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

please tell me if the kg of plums is pitted or after the seeds are removed

Ioana 4 years ago - 10 September 2013 14:27

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

popica 4 years ago - 11 September 2013 13:20

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

I put the raw nuts, but it's super good

Senni 4 years ago - 18 September 2013 19:23

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

We did it in the amount given by you, we got 3 jars of 250ml and one of 500ml. It smells very good and tastes very good. Thank you Ioana!

Nicodin 3 years ago - 12 September 2014 23:29

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

Very tasty recipe. Thanks, Nico

irina 3 years ago - 15 September 2014 12:42

Re: Plum jam with raisins and nuts

This year I have to make two servings. It is very good for tarts. Put two more sliced ​​apples on top and you have a dessert full of flavors and easy to make.

Spicy plum sauce for meat, fish and vegetables. It will turn any food into a fragrant and rich taste!

& # 8221 Plum sauce & # 8221 is very tasty, fragrant and spicy, ideal for meat dishes. This wonderful sauce will perfectly complement other dishes, such as: chicken, fish, potatoes or pasta. The sauce is made from sour plums, garlic and many aromatic herbs, which gives it a unique taste. If you have not tried such a sauce so far, then you must prepare it this year, you will not regret it!


-0.5-1 teaspoon of herbs

-0.5 teaspoon black pepper


1. Wash and clean the plums, put them in a deep bowl and pour over the water, put them on the fire and simmer for 5 minutes. Pass the plums through a sieve and pour the resulting mass into a small bowl.

2. Put the plum puree on the fire, add the garlic given through the press, the pepper, the herbs, the salt and the sugar. Mix well.

3. Boil for 10 minutes and add the greens at the end.

4. Pour the plum sauce into jars, staple them, turn them upside down and let them cool.

5. Place the jars in a dark place. You can keep this sauce for several years.

Plum jam, flavored - grandmother's recipe

Wash the plums well and remove the seeds, while checking that they are free of worms. Then cut them into quarters and put them in a pot, in which you are going to boil them. Pour the sugar over them and let them stay at room temperature for 3-4 hours. Stir from time to time so that the sugar dissolves and the plums leave their juice.

Then put the pot on the stove, over high heat, stirring from time to time. Add the cinnamon sticks and lemon zest and simmer.

Using a spatula or wooden spoon, gather the foam that forms on the surface while the jam is boiling. Let the plum jam boil until the juice is reduced by half.

To check if it is ready, pour a few drops of plum jam on a cold plate. If they do not flow, after reaching room temperature, it means that the jam is ready. Finally, remove the cinnamon sticks from it.

Put the plum jam hot in clean jars. Close the lid tightly and turn the jars upside down. Leave them like this until they cool completely, at room temperature. In this way the jars will be emptied without the need to put them in the oven, or to boil them.

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Olga 3 years ago - 2 September 2014 14:56

Re: Plum jam with sherry

I can't wait to do a recipe review and get to work.

Anamaria 3 years ago - 2 September 2014 18:37

Re: Plum jam with sherry

Depending on the variety of plum used, some are very sweet and 700 g would be too much sugar.
It looks like a jam, but has a different flavor than the classic plum jam. It's worth a try, it's something completely new.

Ioana 3 years ago - 3 September 2014 09:08

Re: Plum jam with sherry

anamaria, I call jam everything that is pasty and the sweetness in which pieces of fruit remain as in a syrup. I don't know if it's 100% correct.
I use medium sweet, fragrant plums, but not very soft.

Mari Ana 3 years ago - 5 September 2014 18:52

Re: Plum jam with sherry

Does it work with "Ovid's Tear" (or other sweet wine)? The color of the jam is gorgeous.

Ioana 3 years ago - 6 September 2014 10:09

Re: Plum jam with sherry

goes with sweet but red wine

Mari Ana 3 years ago - 9 September 2014 16:00

Re: Plum jam with sherry

The taste is special. I just hope it lasts over the winter, my mother tells me it's too thin to pass the test. But she boils any jam until it becomes jam. :-)

Ioana 3 years ago - 9 September 2014 16:11

Re: Plum jam with sherry

I thought so for a while, that I have to boil their fruits until they disintegrate. but look how soft the blueberry jam makes it and it keeps you well. check that each lid is well sealed (you press it in the center and it doesn't have to move, you can compare it with an open jar to see the difference) and it's okay.

Video: HOW TO MAKE PLUM JAM - PLUM PRESERVES: BEST RECIPE! Sprig Barton Tutorial! (June 2022).


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