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Chicken liver

Chicken liver

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I boiled the hearts and the pipettes in cold salt water, in the meantime I frothed them and when they boiled enough I took them out and let them cool.

Separately, in a pan I put the 5 tablespoons of oil and I put the liver until lightly fried, without burning. I took them out and left it to cool.

In the same pan I put chopped onions and a little salt (but also a little oil as needed) and after it got a nice color I added fish and green onions, I left a few minutes and set them aside to cool .

After the pipettes, hearts and liver had cooled, I cut them into small pieces, put the greens, hardened onions, raw eggs, salt and pepper on top and mixed well until all the ingredients were mixed.

In a small cake tray lined with baking paper, I put half of the composition after boiled eggs and then the other half of the composition, I leveled it nicely and put it in the hot oven for approx. 40 min.


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