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Chicken roll with broccoli and pine buds

Chicken roll with broccoli and pine buds

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I lightly beat the chicken breast with the slice hammer to make it thinner so that it can be rolled easily, then I seasoned it a little with hot pepper flakes, cinnamon and curry.

I cut the mushrooms into pieces, together with the chorizo ​​sausages, the garlic, the dried tomatoes and I put them in a pan on the fire to heat them a little. the mushrooms softened, I put the pan aside and let this filling cool a little, then I added it on the chicken breast, I rolled and then tied with a string so that it does not fall apart. After assembling both rolls, I put them on the fire in a pan with a drop of oil and left them for 10 minutes to get a nice color. Then I heated the oven well and put the rolls in there for about an hour. -I fired in the pan together with the garlic and the pine buds.

I served it with a tomato salad with herbs and olive oil. Quick and cool for such a hot day.

Great appetite!

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